Social Experiment


Start treating people who claim to be triggered the way they appear to want to be treated. Make a big show of it, Like OH MY GOD you were triggered?! Holy Fucking Shit I’m so sorry. Here have a blanket and some hot chocolate. Do you need me to phone police? Social services? Shall I notify next of kin? Do you have a will drawn up? Here put on these noise cancelling headphones and horse blinders just in case something else triggering comes along before you are able to calm your hysteria. There there no one should ever have to feel badly….poor baby. 

Hey if patronizing by sheltering them from reality is what they want give it to them. Ignore that no one has a fundamental right to never feel badly or offended. Never mind that being sheltered and coddled is the surest road to a shitty life that you are in no way prepared for. 

 Do you have a will drawn up?